Advanced Strategy for Video Poker

Try and remember these video poker tips and strategies and enact them the next time you play video poker.

  • If you require only one card in the middle of four cards to get a straight don’t expect to get a draw. But if you already have four consecutive cards and are hoping for the missing one – go for it! The odds are relatively on your side.

  • Poker Research has found that you have higher odds of getting hold of a triple than any other if you have a pair. Thus if you have a pair, don’t discard it. Discard all the other high cards instead.

  • Similarly if you have a high pair, keep it. Don’t examine the possibility of a four-card flush or a three-card royal.In this manner at least you will at least retrieve your original bet.

  • And the same goes if you have a low pair. Prefer this over an open end 4-card straight. At video poker, a straight is valued less than a low pair.

  • Prefer a three-card royal over a 4-card flush, a 4-card open end straight and over a low pair. A royal flush offers a large bonus.

  • If at first your hand is devoid of even one high card, draw another five and don’t be afraid.

  • If you have four of a kind – keep all your cards.

  • If you have a straight, a flush or a full house, it goes without saying that you should keep all your cards.

  • If you have three cards to a royal flush or to a straight flush or have a triple – ask for two cards.

  • If you have four cards close to a royal flush, a pair, a four-card flush, a four-card straight or a four-card straight flush – exchange one card.

  • If you have a high pair, a low pair or two high cards – request three new cards.

  • If you have only one high card and no other sequence – ask for four new cards.

  • And finally if your cards do not appear to mount up to anything and neither of them are high cards, exchange all of them.

Try and remember these game strategies and enact them as you play. You will be surprised by the amount of money you will at safe and sound gambling pace !

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