Advanced Tips for Playing Craps Online

Before playing and choosing free craps to play, choose a good casino and follow these tips and guidelines to ensure you have a successful time playing craps online.

Forget about betting at those sequences that pay out big money. The odds of getting that exact number at an online casino are slim. Note that because your chances are low, the odds of the online casino (house) winning are greater. Sure – you could experience the tremendous rush of spontaneous high bets, but don’t complain if your wallet empties out in exactly the same manner.

Since you want to profit, and not just lose it all, I suggest you gamble rationally and efficiently. Follow free casino game system below or something like Craps Field How To Guide to win big at craps game!

 On the other hand, if you just want to have fun no matter what – gamble away.

Wise Betting at Craps

  1. Odd Bets:

You can decrease the online casino odds almost by 50%. Though you might lose your money rather rapidly, you also stand a greater chance of winning.

  1. Come Bet Odds’ Bet or ‘Pass Line Odds’ Bet:

You don’t change the odds of throwing the Seven or the Point, but the sum you might win becomes larger. I’ll explain. Let’s say you bet $100 (a Pass Line bet) and the shooter’s roll of the dice gets you that. If you strengthen your earlier bet by adding a $100 Pass Line odds, bet on the point and you win; you will earn $220 to $300.

  1. Don’t Come Odds / Don’t Pass Odds:

Use this strategy to increase your sum amount when you are betting against the player. The chances are higher that the shooter will throw a seven than the point so you won’t get a lot of money. I’ll explain: Let’s say that I bet $100 using a don’t pass wager and the shooter’s roll of the dice establishes a point. If I back up my bet with a ‘don’t pass odds’ bet of $60 and the dice shows seven, I will have gained $130 to $150, depending on the point.

  1. Attractive Numbers:

The most attractive numbers to bet on are six and eight since the odds that these numbers will fall are great. But heed this: the amount you will win on these isn’t very large.

  1. Odds:

The odds of the other numbers falling are as follows: 
– for 7 are 6 in 36 or 16.7% 
– for 4 or 10 are 3 in 36 or 8.3% vs. 16.7% for a 7 and the payoff is 9 to 5 
– for 5 or 9 are 4 in 36 or 11.1% vs. 16.7% for a 7 the payoff is 7 to 5 
– for 6 or 8 are 5 in 36 or 13.9% vs. 16.7% for a 7 the payoff is 7 to 6

  1. Lay Bets

You could lay wagers called “lay bets” (the exact opposite of Buy bets). You have improved your odds but will be charged five percent for all your winnings. The odds are as follows:
– for 7 are constant at 6 in 36 or 16.7% 
– for 5 or 9 are 4 in 36 or 11.1% vs. 16.7% for a 7 the payoff is 2 to 3 
– for 6 or 8 are 5 in 36 or 13.9% vs. 16.7% for a 7 the payoff is 5 to 6

  1. Big Six or Big Eight

You can get a six (Big Six) or an eight (Big Eight) in five ways and a seven in six ways. But this is not a good bet because you will only win evenly because you have six ways of losing compared to five ways of winning.

  1. Hard Four or Hard Ten

A payoff of only seven to one: by betting on a hard 4 or a hard ten. These can be rolled only in one way and this means that you have eight ways to lose and only one to win. Not a great bet.

One Roll Bets at Online Casinos

Though guaranteed to give you a great rush while surfing at an online casino, this will also lose you huge amounts of money. (unless you are lucky on that particular day)

  1. Seven – A payoff of 4 to 1. Your odds are pretty high. (6 against 30 to win)
  2. Crap Bets – A payoff of 7 to 1. Lesser odds than the seven. (4 against 32 to win)
  3. Craps Eleven – You bet on four numbers. A bad idea because if you win on one of these numbers, you lose at the other three.
  4. Twelve or two – A payoff of 30 to 1. Risky bet because the odds are 1 against 35 to win
  5. Eleven or three – A payoff of 15 to 1. (2 against 35 to win)

Before playing craps, choose from online casinos and follow the guidelines. Craps is a fun game and very exciting. I guarantee you will enjoy yourself.

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