• Unlike other Casino card games, Online Poker is a game in which players bet and play against each other, not against the house. The basics of gambling poker and the objective of the game of Poker is to win the Pot, the money that accumulates as players who remain in the game keep raising their bets. There are two ways to win at online poker. Holding the highest hand or by making your opponents think you have the highest hand, in which case everyone else folds, leaving you to win the Pot.

Poker has many variations. three card poker, five card, seven card and many other variations which all follow the same basic rules. The hierarchy of winning hands remains the same. Most poker games are played with a standard 52 card deck and start with a shuffle and cut of the deck. then the players ante. During each round, betting moves clockwise around the table and players can either check, call, raise, or fold. Poker is a game of chance as well as skill and psychology. The Strategy comes in knowing how to play each Poker hand and making the right playing decisions. The more you know about the makeup of a deck and the rules of the game, the more likely you are to make good playing decisions.


• There are many different forms of online video poker games available for download or played using flash and they all follow the same concept of play. From a standard 1 hand 5 card game to a 5 hand card game called power poker. A complete deck of 53 cards is used for each hand in a standard game of jokers wild power poker, instead of the normal 52 cards. The extra card is a Joker and is a wild card. The Joker stands in for cards of any denomination and suit to complete a winning hand. Whenever you are dealt the Joker, it is automatically assigned a denomination and suit. This gives you the highest possible payout for the cards you are holding.

There are numerous types of poker games and it would take us 6 months to describe the rules & regulations for all of them here so it is best to verify the regulations of the type of poker you wish to play at the online casino you choose to play at. Examples of different poker games are draw poker,caribbean stud, oasis stud, english, joker’s wild, deuces wild, progressive, high spades poker, straight, straight draw poker, canadian, spanish fives & tens, low-high poker just to name a few and there are numerous I haven’t mentioned.


Poker is generally a five or seven card game in which players bet against each other rather than the house. The objective is to win the pot of money that players bet as they try to achieve a winning hand by buying new cards, or as they raise the stakes to make other players think they already have one. A winning hand consists of highest ranking combination of cards. The skill is in knowing how to play your cards.

Poker is by far the most Popular card game throughout the World Today, measured both by the amount of Money that changes hands daily and by the number of players. Stud also known as Open Poker is the most scientific game in the Poker family, although Draw is the favorite family game, Money players prefer Stud.

Stud Poker in all its variations allows for more strategy than Draw, and the most popular forms of stud, such as Five card and Seven card Stud Poker have four or five betting rounds, while straight draw has only two. The pots are therefore Much greater in Stud than in Draw.
There you have it, general rules, tips and regulations of online poker.1