Brilliant Bingo How To Guide

Follow the below set of bingo tips and you will be able to improve your luck playing bingo online. While it’s true that luck improves your chances, skill will increase the number of times you win.

Choose Your Tickets

Try and enter an online casino that will let you choose your own tickets. Keep the following tips in mind:

  • Search for the letter ‘B’ and prefer the first ten numbers. In all cases avoid higher numbers offered by the online casino.
  • The letter ‘I’ – Favors 19 to 29. But don’t take any numbers that are lower than these and especially not if they are under fourteen.
  • The letter ‘N’ – favors tickets with numbers between twenty-nine and thirty-one, but in all cases don’t accept tickets with the number forty on them.
  • The letter ‘G’ – prefer the numbers forty-nine and above.
  • The letter ‘O’ – prefer numbers sixty to sixty-eight and especially those over seventy-one.

Pay Attention

Don’t miss out on any of the numbers that are called out or shown on the online casino screen. You might miss that one number to win the jackpot. Won’t that be a shame?

Do not buy too many Tickets

Buy only the number of tickets that you can handle efficiently and that you can keep a track of while playing at your online casino. While it is true that if you have more tickets your chances of winning increase, they won’t help you if you haven’t enough time to check all of your tickets before the next number is shown at the online casino.

Compare the Bingo Cards

Each bingo ticket contains 25 squares and 24 numbers with the centre square generally empty. If buying three tickets at the online casino, note that there are only 40 to 50 unique numbered locations. The rest are all copies of tickets you already possess. To increase your odds, compare the cards. From the online casino, try and choose tickets that have unique numbers on them. Other than improving your odds, it also makes it easier for you to scrutinize the numbers as they are being announced by the online casino because each will appear only once on your card.

Lucky Numbers

Don’t succumb to the temptation of buying cards that have lucky numbers like 7 or 11 on them from your online casino. Comparative online casino studies have shown that these appear on only a twenty percent of the winning cards. Thus you are actually reducing your odds. So much so for ‘lucky’ cards, right?

Playing Bingo Online

Win serious online casino money by surfing the online casino bingo-betting chat room games and also have a lot of fun. In addition, these online casinos offer free competition, previews to online bingo tournaments and nightly specials. If you become a regular, your online casino might offer prizes and bonuses to continue.

Reputed Bingo Halls & Online Rooms

Gamble at only a well- respected and known online casino with great casino games for free. Thus ensuring not only that your money won’t turn up in the wrong hands but also that you will be paid promptly.

Bingo Jackpots

Serious statistical online casino reports claim that the biggest jackpots at an online casino are won between eight in the evening till eleven in the evening either on Friday or on Saturday evening. Try and gamble during these times at your online casino, and hopefully you too will get lucky.

Remember at all times that you are playing bingo for fun.

Don’t take things too seriously even if you lose. At every online casino you are bound to lose but you will also win. So go ahead and enjoy!

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