Free Bingo Mobile Games

At Bingo, you generally need to pay a token fee to play or if you have gone to bingo halls then the whole night of bingo commences. By a night of bingo I mean that bingo games are played one after another continuously. Below you will find a detailed description of the rules and procedure of bingo.

Mobile Bingo Game Procedure:

  • An announcer spins a bin that contains all the numbers. There are 75 possible bingo numbers: B1, B2, B3, … B15, I16, I17, I18, … I30, N31, N32, … O557, O75 and each are represented by a ball in a large rotating bin. Each ball is painted with its unique bingo number.
  • This announcer reaches in and selects a ball
  • He then announces it to the large hall of bingo players.
  • All the bingo players check each and every card that they have whether this number appears on them. If it is, they mark it.
  • When a player has a bingo (5 in a row, column, or diagonal), he or she calls out bingo.
  • There is a lull in the game as the card is checked. If the card wins then this game is stopped and another one begins. If the card wasn’t a winner, the game continues.
  • Each bingo game continues until someone wins (there’s always a winner).

Winning Odds at Mobile Bingo for free:

Since there is a winner in each and every bingo game your chances of winning depend on the number of cards in the game and on how many cards you have. But don’t take too many cards otherwise you won’t be able to follow them all and you will miss out numbers and lose even though you might have won. Also, be sure to play it on proper mobile device. You really don’t want to get disconnected or screen frozen in middle of free bingo match.

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