Free Online Bingo Basics

The Brief History of Bingo

The game began to help earn revenue for charitable causes during the Depression, became legal in the states of New Jersey and New York in the 1950s, and remains popular today in many church basements as well as moving on to the realm of casino attractions. Right from the beginning, the players around the World managed to gather much needed advanced bingo guide tips and dominate this free casino games ever since.

Bingo Basics

The game is much like the Lottery, involving randomly drawn numbers with the main difference being that in the game of Bingo there is always a winner, the game does not close until there is one.

Bingo numbers range from 1 to 75 and is played on a bingo board containing 25 spaces with a free space in the center so of the 75 possible numbers to be on any one board there are a total of 24 different numbers.

The letters B, I, N, G, and O are printed across the top of the board and signify the descending column as the caller reports the numbers coming up as for example, “B-11” or “N-36.”

The B column will contain any combination of five of the numerals 1 through 15; the I column includes five of any of the numbers 16 through 30; there are four numbers picked between 31 and 45 in the N column along with the free space; G column has five of the numbers between 46 and 60; and finally the letter O column will have a variance of any of five numbers from 61 to 75.

How is Online Bingo Actually Played?

Free Bingo games can quite often be the scene of a social group with many ‘old timers’ who sit in their favorite seats and sip their favorite drinks while they wait to play. Many will be very happy to share some rules and their personal tricks of the game with you as you try it out as a beginner and others don’t want you to bother them, you can quickly differentiate between the two by watching them for a minute or two.

Bingo halls built specifically for the game, or areas of casinos where a bingo hall area has been built, have displays on the walls to show the players what numbers have been called and also what game is currently being played. Sometimes there is also a television monitor nearby that shows the number as it is drawn and being called.

There are some people that play the game often and have acquired an apt to play multiple game boards at one time, but I think it is best to start off with fewer boards for one game so you can make sure you are marking all your numbers. Playing a reasonable number of game boards will let you observe the game, the other players playing, and master the art of Bingo.

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