Guide to Tipping Casino Table Game Dealers

General rules about tipping in casinos

There are thousands of people that travel to land casinos and wonder how much to tip a casino table game dealer. Some even wonder if there is anything else that they should know about tipping table game dealers that they have not read before. This article is geared at putting those wonderings to rest.

First off, as a general rule, you should at least tip the table game dealer the table bet minimum once per session. If you are sitting at a $5 minimum blackjack game, tip the dealer $5 during your session. If you are sitting at a $10 minimum roulette game, the dealer should make at least $10 off of you.

Size win tips

If you have a large win at a game like roulette, or Let it Ride, you should tip the casino table game dealer more. I suggest that you should tip the dealer between 5% and 10% of your win maxing out at ten times the table minimum.

For example, if you are playing a $10 minimum game of Let it Ride and you have three $10 chips down and hit a straight flush (200:1 payout), you would pay the dealer $100 since you are maxed out from the table minimum. If you paid out 5%,-10% you would be paying the dealer $3,000 to $6,000. I would rather keep that.

Some will suggest that once an hour you place a minimum bet in the dealers name once an hour. If it wins, you give the dealer the winnings. If the bet loses, the dealer has another chance in an hour. If you do this, only do it at blackjack or baccarat. I was once in Las Vegas when someone placed a dealer bet on Let it Ride. It hit four of a kind, and the casino table game dealer argued with the man and the pit boss over the idea that the man should then give the dealer the $1,500 that was just won.

It should be noted that at many casinos, table game dealers are required to share their winnings. While I do not want to debate if this is a fair option or not, I have found that I tip dealers more if I find out that tips do not have to be shared.

A friendly approach

I am also a fan of tipping a dealer a little more for friendliness, or if I am on a good streak. It should be noted that many casino table game dealers make close to minimum wage, and most of their money comes from tips. I have a lot of respect for any worker that has to deal with drunks and rowdy people on a daily basis. The next time that you sit down at a casino table game, remember that it is always good to tip the dealer. I have even found that dealers that I have topped well have asked the pit bosses to speed up my comps. From time to time, the pit bosses will look kindly on good tippers and give them something special in return.

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