Pai Gow Online Casino Game

Pai Gow Poker is growing in popularity allover the free Internet casino world and you can see many such a game played at many poker rooms offline and online. This ancient Chinese game is played with tiles (chinese dominoes). Your object is to either beat the banker or the players.

How come?

Because the banker is one of the players. Since the poker banker has a greater chance of winning, your best bet to win is to be the banker as many times as possible. If you are the bank, you must have enough chips to cover all the bets.

You play this with 32 tiles. Winners are decided by those who have pairs and those who don’t. If two or more have a pair, the ranking is as follows (from highest to lowest):

1. Supreme pair

2. Matched pairs

3. unmatched or mixed pairs

4. Wongs or gongs

If no one has a pair then the poker player whose tiles add up as closest to nine wins.

If more than one player has the same sum that is closest to nine, the bank wins. Likewise, the bank wins all zero hands.

Interested in playing Pai Gow Poker? I recommend that before you lunge into online poker playing, you stop a while and study the odds and strategies you could use while you play Pai Gow in order to emerge a winner at your casino.