Poker and Video Poker in Online Casinos

Video Poker

Enjoy playing video poker? Think it’s identical to regular casino poker or pai gow free poker? Not quite. There are huge differences between online casino and land casino poker and video poker. Read on as we compare poker to video poker and scrutinize your chances to succeed. Remember, you need skill to play video poker as well.

You should note the online casino does not generally cash out all of your winnings unless you play at the expert level. The casino does this because most players choose not to play at this level.

Use these suggestions to increase your poker playing profits:

1. Seek to find the percent of your winnings that you can cash out. If these figures aren’t posted, request these figures from the online casinos‘ customer service. Since you will rarely find one that pays back all, choose the one that offers the best deal. Note that this will increase your net profit.

2. Never forget that you are playing against a machine. Keeping this in mind, remember that you will win and get paid only if you have the set hands. Thus don’t waste a chance to draw another card by keeping a highly valued card with a pair. Note that the regular casino rules don’t apply here.

3. Bet only where machines offer big cash for a royal flush so that it abides with the odds for a royal flush, which is about 0.000025.

Wish to become an expert in video poker? Click and read how to play video poker successfully at an online poker or casino.


Online Poker

Want to improve your online casino winning capabilities? Discover ways to win more and lose less?

Win more money playing online poker by studying strategies for the various poker variations. You need luck too, but by practicing these strategies, you improve your online casino odds drastically. In addition, you reduce your losses. Doesn’t it sound tempting?

All you have to do is click on one of the online casino poker game you are interested in and learn:

5-Card Draw

7 card Stud


Caribbean Stud

English Stud

Iron Cross

Mexican Stud

Stud Poker

Texas Holdem Poker


General Poker Strategy

Discover the thrill of online casino poker using these general tips:

  • Familiar with a specific type of poker, play that at the online casino. In this way you will easily adjust to online gambling.
  • Be aware that gambling at your local land casino is not the same as playing at an online casino. Another element you must take into consideration is that fact that your opponents are not as skilled as those you will find at regular casinos. But likewise, you lose a lot of your ability to bluff because you can’t use subtle advertising skills to bluff your opponents. Additionally, it’s much more difficult to scrutinize your fellow online casino gamblers because you can’t see or read through their facial actions or verbal remarks.
  • Eat a small snack and take frequent lulls from online casino poker to freshen you up. This will enable you to bet with a fresher and clearer state of mind.
  • Continue to compare online casino sites, study and practice new and better casino strategies of poker. The next thing to do is compare with other online casino strategies while playing against other online casino players.
  • You will lose at times. Expect it. Winning and losing is a part of online casino playing, and the skill can reduce the amount of times you lose, but it won’t eradicate this entirely.
  • Try not to be intimidated by online casino playing. Remain strong and party on. Play for fun and experience the thrill of it all. Stop if it’s no longer any fun.
  • If the hand you were dealt turns out to be a weak hand, stay in the poker game without betting. But fold if a bet has been placed. Do this and place the ball in someone else’s hand. Beware though because if no bets are placed you have forfeited a betting round, and have also given other casino players a chance to improve their cards without having had to lay down money.
  • If by chance, you are dealt a strong sequence like flush or royal flush be patient and don’t show any enthusiasm. For starters, bet a regular enormous amount at the beginning. Your goal must be to make your online casino opponents unprepared for your strong cards. They will think they each can win. Gradually raise your bets and win the pot.
  • If your hand is weak and you wish to bluff your online opponents to fold, place a huge wager. But beware: if even one calls your bluff you will lose all your money. Master this, and win a lot more online casino games.
  1. Want to frighten off some players? Bet heavily. Usually, some will limp away, but some will remain. Now even with a weak hand you stand a chance of winning at poker.
  1. What should you do if your hand is not too good? The first thing to do is to scan the amount of money on the table. Stay in the session only if the pot is tempting, otherwise fold.
  1. Got a strong hand? Don’t raise the bet in the first few betting rounds. This will prevent other players from suspecting your strong hand and folding.

Playing poker at an online casino needs concentration and a clear and relaxed mind.

For the duration of the session (at least) don’t drink alcoholic beverages or intake narcotic substances (unless you feel the need to lose a lot more money that you could have). Drinkers and the like are easy gain for the online casino and especially for land based ones. These don’t hand out free drinks just for the heck of it. Don’t you to fall in the net too!