Roulette in Online Casinos


Roulette involves pure luck even at an online casino. Though many claim to have found casino systems, none of these have been found to be effective neither at casinos nor at an online casino. You might come across names like Labouchere, D’Alembert, Fibonacci and Martingale but don’t let them fool you. Most of them advice you to increase your money for every time you lose.


Martingale suggests you keep doubling your bet after every time you lose at an online casino. The downside of this system is that when you do finally win you’ll only have won a unit. Another similar system suggests increasing a unit when you win and decreasing one when you lose at the online casino. This system is called D’Alembert.

Sounds tempting? Wish to try one of these at an online casino?

Suppose you do, because these systems make you risk large sums of money at the online casino, what happens when you run out of money? You’ll find out that you have lost a huge sum. And if you finally do win at the online casino, you won’t have gained much. These systems are very risky and I recommend you don’t use them unless you wish to give away your money to the online casino.

Good Strategic Playing

There does exist a strategy that can work sometimes but not at the online casino. Because of manufacturing or other physical flaws wheels can sometimes cause the ball to rest in certain areas more often than in others. Be alert and take advantage of this, but be absolute sure. Note that an online casino is by nature virtual and hence the probability of such occurrences is rare.

Largest Roulette Bet

Did you hear of the biggest roulette wager in the Vegas’ Horseshoe history?

Jade Cole saved up $225,000 for four years and traveled to Las Vegas to make his dream come true. He was an engineer from Spain.

Jade searched Las Vegas for a casino or an online casino that would accept his bet on one spin of the wheel. Though they had a limit of $100,000 on red/black bets, the Horseshoe Club agreed. The Horseshoe also agreed to take the double zero out of the game because they don’t exist in the European version.

The color chosen was red, and as luck had it the ball landed on the red seven. Jade’s historic and daring bet won him $220,000. He was ecstatic but he didn’t lose his wits. At once Jade Cole requested to cash in his winnings and vowed that he would never ever gamble again at a casino or at an online casino.

How to Play Roulette

But as for you, it would be better to bet on several numbers than to place your whole sum on a single number while playing at an online casino. Quit when you are ahead. You can always return another day and try your luck again at the online casino.

Go ahead and try the roulette. There’s nothing like the thrill and suspense of the roulette wheel while playing at your favourite online casino.

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